16 Ha’arbaa
Sun-Sat 18–last customer




In the spirit of the inherently beautiful and informal nature of a traditional Tapas meal, Tapéo restaurant serves up a delicate blend of ambiance and delicious small dishes. Since its doors first opened seven years ago, Tapéo has consistently attracted a full house of satiated customers. Tapas bars are ubiquitously popping up in large cities around the globe, but Tapéo offers an edge over the rest.

The beauty behind a Tapas meal is the interaction it promotes between dining guests. Diners are meant to slowly consume small bites of richly flavored food, which is naturally complimented by alcohol. Tapéo takes this concept one step further, with its décor inspired by Antonio Gaudi. A Spanish Catalan Architect, Gaudi’s stunning work is eye catching and tantalizing to the senses. Tapéo’s full bar is flanked with mosaic pillars boasting vibrant colors and freedom of design. Details of wrought iron are warmed with a natural wood furniture and candlelight on every table. Gaudi’s use of color, dimension, and freedom of movement is even further reflected in the dishes at Tapéo as they are meant to be savored by your taste buds and admired with an eye for culinary beauty.

Head Chef Avivit has created a truly enticing menu of Tapas for the personal tastes of each and every guest. Dishes are divided into of the following categories: Vegetable, Meat, Seafood, Ceviche, and Paella.

Dishes come out as soon as they are ready, so be prepared to mix and match the luxurious tastes of each dish that you chose. One of the most popular orders from the vegetable selection is the baby cauliflower softly cooked and smothered in a savory anchovy marinade blending elements of texture and intense taste that is satisfying and alluring. Another popular, and my personal favorite, is the stuffed mushrooms with tehina. Warm little mushroom caps are perched in a shallow lake of tehina. If you eat a cap slowly, letting the lingering juice of warm mushroom melt in your mouth, it is absolutely possible to slip into Tapeuporia (Tapas euphoria- a concept I’m sure Gaudi would approve of).

The meat and seafood dishes are also intensely satisfying. Take the black pepper carne, crusted with spicy black pepper, cooked medium rare, and cut into mouth size strips. The mayo dip alongside the meat is both flavorful and essential in order to balance the “piquant nature of the beef” according to Avi Taranto, a private chef and a great dining companion. The calamari with black bean stew was a party favorite. The slippery, silky calamari is a great match to the intense flavor of the succulent black bean sauce, an odd, yet harmonious marriage of flavors that will surely surprise your palate.

The main tapas dishes that consistently blow me away are Tapéo’s ceviche creations. With so much fresh fish available in Israel, these citrus marinated dishes offer a burst of uniquely fresh flavor. The popular tuna ceviche is presented beautifully with thick strips of tuna exploding like flower petals out of an avocado and green salad in the middle of the plate. The Peruvian ceviche is true to its authenticity, with an Israeli spin. This traditional dish is prepared with citrus marinated sea bass and complimented with crispy sweet and salty sweet potato chips. The sea bream ceviche is a home run. Thick pieces of sea bream are immersed in a sea of avocado, onion, celery, and grapefruit, a rustic blend of salty, sweet carried by powerful notes of citrus. Tapéo also offers a selection of warm breads with pita made special in- house. The bread is accompanied with a handcrafted dish cradling guacamole with a hint of coriander, sweet chili oil, and a buttery tomato spread.

With all its dishes on the table, Tapéo offers up a fun and delicious gastronomic experience for a date or party of friends who love to share food, stories, and tastes from around the world. All your senses will be delightfully stimulated while you embrace good art, divine food in an absolutely euphoric atmosphere.

Photos: http://www.tapeo.co.il/

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