Bakery 29

29 Ahad Ha’am
Sun-Thurs 7:30-22; Fri 7:30-1 hour before sundown; Sat open nightly by reservation

How far would you go to build the life of your dreams? Would you be willing to give up everything that is familiar to you in order to fulfill a life around your passions? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, then you will surely be inspired by the woman who took her life by it’s horns, harnessed her talents, and made all her dreams come true.

For 15 years Netta Korin painstakingly built a successful career in the cut throat world of Wall Street. By every measure of professional accomplishment, Netta was successful. She had become the “American Dream,” and materialistically she had everything one could desire. Yet, somehow, despite this success, Netta never felt completely fulfilled. “My life needed soul,” expresses Netta reminiscently. She found time and time again that there were two themes in her life which gifted her with that “soul” she so strongly desired; cooking and philanthropy.

At the onset of her career, Netta began to work with organizations and groups whose primary goals were supporting Israel. IMPACT, an organization dedicated to giving university scholarships to low income combat soldiers, was one of the core institutions that Netta worked with. Supporting Israel was a lifelong passion for Netta. Her other passion, food, was expressed through hosting Friday night dinners with friends and family. Netta spilled out creative and soulful ideas through food, but despite any other scrumptious dishes on the table, her mouthwatering oatmeal chocolate cookies would always steal all the glory. Netta proudly boasts, “People would literally annihilate them.” During these occasions Netta’s friends would constantly urge her to start her own bakery and share this addictive treat with the rest of the world.

Eventually, Netta came to a crossroads and saw an opportunity to completely change the direction in her life. Geared with a humble dream, an intense passion, and unwavering determination, Netta left Wall Street. With her familiar world behind her, Netta made her way to Israel. Here, back in her birthplace, she cleverly found a way to combine her two greatest passions. Netta’s meager vision was to build a small cookie shop that would donate all the proceeds to her favorite organization, IMPACT. Today, Bakery 29 is full blown bakery complete with cookies, danishes, croissants, bread, scones, salads, and sandwiches. The profits made from these delicious treats are used to help thousands of soldiers attend university, and realize their own dreams.

When Netta found a deteriorating apartment at the corner of Ahad Ha’am and Yavne, she envisioned the charming, homey, sophisticated, and rustic bakery that it could be. With the artistic collaboration of architects Eyal and Alona Ratner from Studio 180, artist Yaakov Sasoon, and her own creative spirit, Netta and her team literally began building the bakery of her dreams. Her crafty vision gave her the resolve to restore the original 90 year old windows and door, despite doubts expressed by the builders.Netta and her team spent endless nights just painting and sanding the doors and windows, and restoring the old Gluska tiles that adorn the bathroom floors. Netta’s magical energy and the supportive spirit of friends lives in each nail, every stroke of paint, each piece of tile, and all the crevices in the bakery. If Feng Shui theory is correct and there is a really a “dynamic relationship between all inanimate and animate objects,” then Bakery 29 validates this theory, because the positive vibe that bounces off the bakeries walls invigorates each guest; you can literally feel the goodness.

You can taste the goodness too. With a myriad selection of baked goods, sweet treats and savory concoctions, there is nothing in the bakery that isn’t baked to perfection. The original oatmeal chocolate cookies that propelled the birth of Bakery 29, are a perfectly soft i with a slight wisp of crispiness. There are an assortment of cakes, including the carrot cake and Netta’s famous beet cake which all come in both full sizes and miniature muffin versions.

The carrot cake, topped with cream cheese frosting, illustrates the talent of head pastry chef, Ika Dirblat. Nothing on the sweet menu is overly sugary and every dish exemplifies the balance of sweet and salty. The carrot cake is particularly special; unlike most carrot cakes in the world, you can actually taste the fresh carrots. Not to mention how the cream cheese frosting has a citrusy bite, and is a refreshing accompaniment to the wholesome flavors. For breakfast one can opt for a baked good or try the irresistible assortment of frittata.

With a balanced selection of savory and sweet, there is something for every craving at Bakery 29. The scones, one of the most popular dishes on the menu, come in two flavors: parmesan-chive and cranberry. A bite into the parmesan-chive scone literally takes the mind into sweet moment of zen. The tender parmesan flavor with the tangy sweetness of the green onion blended into the luxuriously smooth texture of the scone is a dose of comfort to the mouth.

With choices including sandwiches, daily pizzas, and fresh salads, Bakery 29 can be an ideal mid-day lunch stop. If you find the food irresistible, then you have the opportunity to plan a private dinner for you and 12-20 of your closest friends. Each night, Bakery 29 closes it’s door to the public and the in-house chef, Yaron Azulai prepares a decadant five course meal for private parties using fresh market produce purchased daily.

Building a fulfilling life begins with simple aspirations and is constructed by laying down each tile, piece by piece. Determination takes that creative idea from a simple dream to a wondrous reality. In the spirit of re-construction, Netta pays it forward by giving young men and women a chance to change their own life. Netta gives hopeful youths the chance to go to college, to journey to a place they never expected. By supporting IMPACT, Netta gives them the financial tools to bring their goals into fruition and conceive a life around their own passions. This lifelong, philanthropic journey is one that we can all be a part of… each gratifying cookie at a time.

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